GEF Annual Report

ar2015The GEF Annual Report is now available. It features some of GEF’s funded program during the 2014-15 school year, including our new initiatives in 3-D printing, two pilot programs at Beeman and Veterans’ Schools, the Districtwide elementary Math Olympiads program, and more. Click here to read a copy online. Hard copies are available at our schools or by contacting us at emailus@thinkthebest.org.

GHS now has a state of the art photo and design studio, thanks to the efforts of Jacqueline Underwood.

robandjacquieMs. Underwood, GHS Photography & Design teacher spearheaded the multi-year, multi-phase project. Her dream to think big started with the requirement that the photography lab either become compliant with current regulations regarding the use of darkroom chemicals or switch to digital photography. Chosing the latter option Ms. Underwood received funding from GEF for the purchase of ten digital cameras, funding from Linzee & Beth Coolidge for the reconstruction of the photography department’s space, and the extraordinary donation of much very high end photo studio equipment from Robert Amory. More recently, the final stage of the project has been the purchase of 24 computers again with the financial support of Mr. Amory and GEF. Throughout the process many others have been involved including the GHS Electrical Program students and the high school’s IT Department.

Studio 3105 had its grand opening on June 18 when visitors & donors were invited to see the studio in action. All present agreed that Studio 3105 will be a lasting tribute to Ms. Underwood, who is retiring at the end of this current academic year and a terrific boost to Emily Harney, incoming Photo & Design teacher. GEF thanks Ms. Underwood for her dedicated efforts and welcomes Ms. Harney.

The Gloucester chapter of Generous Gardeners is holding a plant sale for the benefit of GEF on Saturday, May 16th, 8:00 am – 12:00 pm.

The sale will be set up on Stacy Boulevard near the Fishermen’s Wives Memorial. Come stock up on healthy, locally grown plants for your garden and  support GEF.  Proceeds from past plant sales have been used enhance gardening and nutritional programs in Gloucester schools.

Generous Gardeners


Local artists are visiting every school in the Gloucester Public School district to do amazing hands-on art projects with kids. The Artistic Bridges program is funded by Gloucester Education Foundation and coordinated by Cape Ann Museum. Kids are getting to learn about what it’s like to be a professional artist, and schools are connecting with the artistic community in a great new way. And everyone’s having FUN!


Painter Loren Doucette is working with West Parish second graders to create the “ABC’s of Gloucester.” The students are drawing Gloucester landmarks beginning with every letter of the alphabet that will be pulled together to make a collaborative art piece. Can’t wait to see it!


Collage Artist Hans Pundt is working with East Gloucester students to create personal collages. The kids are collecting objects and pictures that represent themselves and their heritage to make self portrait collages.


Sculptor Andy Cunningham visited Plum Cove Elementary to show how Gloucester granite can be turned into beautiful artwork.


Honor a Teacher

Looking for a way to acknowledge that special teacher or member of the school community this holiday season? Gloucester Education Foundation (GEF) can help.

Honor a Teacher is a new GEF appreciation program.  It has been created out of our belief that many people in our schools play an important role in your child’s education—teachers, teaching teams/houses, aides, paraprofessionals; librarians, coaches and guidance counselors; specialists in art, music, media, physical fitness and science; custodians, food service team members, transportation staff, administrative assistants and other support staff; and administrators.

When you make a donation to GEF* through Honor a Teacher, your honoree will receive a letter informing them of your family’s honorary gift,  along with your personalized note of appreciation.  (The gift amount remains confidential.)

Honor those who have meaningfully impacted their child’s education today. Your gift in any amount supports innovative and enriching programs for Gloucester schools.


* As always, your donation is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law and will be acknowledged directly by GEF.