The Gloucester Education Foundation began in 2005 when a group of parents organized to establish a formal program to help support the Gloucester Public School District, facing serious budget cutbacks. Since its early days, GEF has focused on both innovation—sponsoring new programs to engage students in learning—and on preservation—retaining important programs and services that had to be eliminated or curtailed because of financial constraints. Since its founding, GEF has generated more than $2.5 million for the Gloucester Public Schools. Below are a few of the programs that GEF has sponsored through the years. The Annual Reports provide comprehensive listings.

GEF Milestones


  • Funding was provided to the GHS to purchase a robust state of the art 3D printer and accompanying software.
  • O’Maley Innovation Middle School students are building 3D printers.
  • GEF and the District worked together to create a 2nd winning CCLC grant, this one for the middle school.


  • Artistic Bridges, a collaborative between GEF, the Cape Ann Museum and the District, that gives students the opportunity  to meet & work with local artists launched.
  • CNC ShopBot router purchased for GHS Cabinet Design & Innovation class.
  • O’Maley Birdseye-Hammond STEM Lab was expanded with a refurbished wet lab, the Slime Lab, where students can study life sciences.
  • GEF worked extensively with the District to create a winning application to the 21st Century Community Learning Center (CCLC)  grant program for the high school.


  • iPads provided to O’Maley Innovation Middle School for Project-Based Learning Program
  • Writing Curriculum Coordinator hired at O’Maley
  • Genome Gloucester Summer Program
  • Digital cameras provided for GHS Photography Program


  • Soundfield Systems installed in all kindergarten classrooms
  • GHS Chemistry Department provided with iPads


  • GHS Community Briefing published
  • Math Specialist hired for GPSD
  • 1st Elementary Schools Summer Literacy Program


  • GHS Physics of Robotics curriculum funded
  • GHS Graphic Design Program reinstated
  • Birdseye-Hammond STEM center opens at O’Maley


  • GHS Robotics Team, sponsored by GEF, wins FIRST Robotics Competition Judges’s Award
  • 1st Annual GEF-sponsored GPSD Arts Festival
  • 1st Annual GEF-sponsored Summer Science Program held at MIT & Maritime Gloucester


  • $1.3 million (over 3 yrs) Sea Initiative  funding awarded


  • 1st grant made to GPSD ($36,600)


  • Seeds sown for GEF at an exploratory meeting & 1st GEF Board Meeting held