Applying for a Grant from GEF

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General Information and Guidelines for Applicants

1. Grant applications are encouraged for programs/projects that promote:

  • Innovation
  • Enrichment
  • Community collaboration
  • Increased student achievement
  • Involvement of a significant number of students and/or deep impact for a smaller number of students
  • Goals and on-going priorities of the Gloucester Public School District (GPSD)

2. GEF grants are not intended to replace or relieve existing responsibility for public funding of GPSD system, nor are they intended to substitute for normal budget growth and maintenance.

NOTE:  Grants that include funding for services provided by organizations outside of the District will be subject to GEF’s guidelines governing partnerships with other organizations. These are available from GEF by calling 978 282 5550 or emailing emailus@thinkthebest.org.

3. Any combination of parents, students, faculty, administration, and community groups may collaborate on an application for funding from GEF. However, at least one representative from the faculty must be involved in every proposal, and the Superintendent or his designee’s signature is required.

4. Grant recipients are required to complete a grant report in a format to be provided within 30 days of the project’s completion. The report should include information that will aid GEF’s fundraising activities – especially photographs, comments from students, parents and teachers. Future applications from recipients who have not met this requirement will not be considered until a final report is submitted on the most recently funded project.

5. Grant recipients are asked to publicize their projects to parents, teachers and the community through the schools’ newsletters, local newspapers, and other media. GEF must be properly credited on all promotional material and media notices relating to the grant program. Please include the following: “This project is made possible (in whole or in part) by a grant from the Gloucester Education Foundation”. Wherever possible, GEF’s logo (available from GEF) should be included on program handouts, guides and other materials. A copy of all such materials should be sent to GEFwith the post-project report.

6. It is highly preferred that grant applications be submitted electronically to emailus@thinkthebest.org. If this is not possible submit the application to Gloucester Education Foundation, PO Box 1104, Gloucester, MA 01931.

7. Submission deadlines (see below) must be respected.

Application Review Process

If there are any questions please contact GEF at emailus@thinkthebest.org.

1. Discuss plans with a GPSD faculty member, GPSD Administrator and a GEF Board Member.

2. Complete the written application form providing all requested information. While supplementary material may be submitted, the provided application must be competed, filling all blanks. Please note that GEF will not typically fund items that it considers school/office supplies.

3. Have the application signed by the Superintendent or Superintendent Designee. Both the applicant and the administration should retain a copy for their records.

4. Submit the completed application, preferably electronically to emailus@thinkthebest.org or, if necessary, to Gloucester Education Foundation, PO Box 1104, Gloucester, MA 01931.

5. The deadline for all grants is the first of the month in which the grant is to be considered for funding.  The GEF Programs Committee and Board generally meet on the second or third Monday of each month, at which time proposals received by the deadline will be reviewed and voted upon.   

Applications that are received after the first of the month will be taken up by the Programs Committee during the following month.

An applicant can apply for special consideration for immediate action for the following reasons:

  • It is a matching grant and supportive of accessing funding from another source that has its own timeline.
  • Special request of the superintendent or a board member.

6. GEF will contact applicants during the review process if further information is needed. In some cases an applicant  may be asked to make a short presentation to the GEF Programs Committee.

Upon reviewing a request for funding, the Programs Committee and/or GEF Board may request additional information before making a decision.  Applicants should take this into consideration and plan their submissions so that the funding decision can be made in a timely manner with regards to the start of the proposed program. Applicants should also make every effort to submit their proposals with complete information and with the required signatures.With adequate information in hand the GEF Programs Committee will evaluate the application and provide a recommendation for or against approval to the full GEF Board of Directors.

7. The Board of Directors will vote on the recommendation and its decision will be communicated to the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, School Principal(s) and teacher(s) within 5 working days of the Board meeting.

8. If funded, GEF’s treasurer will submit payment to the GPSD. The applicant will access those funds through the district’s specified procurement procedures.

9. A written report must be submitted at the end of each year of the grant. Download the Gloucester Education Foundation Project Report Form.

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